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About Us

Just for You!   (an ABC phase for our new releases. . .Analyzing needs; Beta phase of release; Content under construction). . .and we will not disappoint you!

Scissors and Glue has the answers to the puzzling and complex questions presented with educating children in home or small-group settings.  We offer comprehensive outlines of thematic content customizable for any learner of K-12 age, no matter their learning style.

Most learning institutions struggle with the cumbersome process of individualizing education that is sound and in covering resources that are effective.  Where Scissors and Glue offers solutions to complexities in education is that we offer comprehensive, customizable content.  Similarly we are  dedicated to locating, acquiring, storing and allocating excess from the community for reuse in education. Through community networking, our company facilitates resource modeling and distribution for the purpose of creative stewardship.

Connecting businesses with opportunities for resource donation, Scissors and Glue maintains a commitment to new uses for items otherwise deemed useless that ultimately benefit learning projects.

But in the meantime. . .find your answers to your child’s education right here!

Founded by Joanna Best, a longtime teacher and advocate for public education, Scissors and Glue is based in Asheville, NC. Through her work as a teacher and as the director of inner-city outreach programs and rural programs facilitating student learning, Joanna noticed the need for expendable materials for student projects. She also noticed how much excess businesses often toss in the garbage bins. Scissors and Glue seeks to broaden the efforts of managing and routing resources from business to teaching venues and modeling application of their use through workshops, contests and training.

Scissors and Glue (Warehouse) is a non-profit organization that is managed by Scissors and Glue, LLC.

“Joanna is creative and dedicated, having been a leader in a training conference for our consultants. With an excellent presentation, including practical ideas and a flair for design, she was also conscientious about details!  We loved her ideas.”  
-Sallie Broach
founder/president Just Ducky Originals